Intellect Zone is a premier platform providing reliable digital publishing and journal services.

It is the parent organization of Scholarly Zone catering to the global publishing fraternity.

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Our digital solutions and services are oriented for STM Publishing and Journal Production Services.

Scholarly Zone meets your content publishing challenges with a dynamic service work portfolio designed to meet the multifaceted needs of the digital publishing sector.
STM Publishing Services

Scholarly Zone provides prime quality STM publishing services with the automation techniques, adept capabilities, and domain acquaintance.

Our professional approach and competitive edge services have earned us partners with international publishers, overseas universities, and research organizations.

Scholarly Zone employs the XML-first approach, component-based HTML5 workflow, and advanced search-and-replace functions to deliver the highest quality solutions.

We deliver publishing services in the clients preferred file format with rendered information from STM blogs, journals, and academic articles.

Our outputs display your content for optimal reading experience on all devices.

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Journal Production Services
Our Journal Production Services & Solutions include
  • Copyediting STM content
  • Providing stylesheet services
  • Enabling lucid documentation
  • Facilitating XML file generation
  • Project management and query resolutions
  • Proof reading and language enhancement
  • Providing graphics support for STM content
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Why Scholarly Zone ?
  • Superior quality and error-free services at a balanced cost
  • Effective display of content enhanced with graphics
  • Swift turnaround time and well laid out results
  • Comprehensive stakeholder satisfaction