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ePublishing revolution has transformed how business is done today.

ePublishing Zone will serve you as a reliable and efficient technical partner.

  • Bring in latest technical expertise
  • Ensure intime delivery
  • Stay within your budget
  • Keep pace with your aspirations and vision
Comprehensive e-publishing Services

ePublishing Zone is driven by cutting edge technology and efficient professional to ensure quality and confidentiality.

Whatever your ePublishing needs are, rely on us for the best outputs.
eBook Conversion Services

At ePublishing Zone each client is individually serviced. Each project is assigned to exclusive teams.

Your work can be constantly tracked by a secured login.
We Specialize in Converting
  • Printed Book & Documents to ePub and Mobi
  • Word files & HTML to ePub and Mobi
  • Scanned images & PDF to ePub and Mobi
  • Application source files to ePub and Mobi
  • Fixed format ePub and KF8
  • Embedding Audio and Videos
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Reflowable eBook Conversion

We specialized in Reflowable eBook conversion services and our solutions work across all devices, including Kindle, iPad, Nook, as well as Kobo.

We serve publishers, libraries, universities, etailers, technology organizations.

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Interactive eBooks

ePublishing Zone facilitates eBooks in HTML5 and ePub3 formats that are compatible with all smart devices and eReaders, including iBooks, Amazon Fire, and Kobo.

ePublishing Zone delivers quality reading experiences by transforming digital formats into interactive digital eBooks.

We enhance your content with multimedia such as 2D & 3D Animations, Audio & Video Files, Quizzes, and Games.

ePublishing Zone caters to
  • Multimedia enriched eBooks, entertainment books and comics
  • Medical Engineering and Science books
  • Multilingual books, Journals and Magazines
  • Health & personal care books
  • Self help books
  • Cook books
  • Travel books . . . and much more
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XML DTD Creation Services

ePublishing Zone undertakes small medium and large projects involving conversion of text and images into specific formats like XML along with embedded hyperlinks.

ePublishing Zone converts data in and from DocBook XML format. ePublishing Zone also facilitates conversion of medical and technical journals, blogs, and manuscripts into PubMed.

We constantly upgrade and enhance our XML proficiency and client care relationship to meet your emerging needs and aspirations.

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eMagazines and eJournals

ePublishing Zone offers digitization services for every type of publishing, including eMagazines and eJournals. We transform hard copy, ePub, Mobi, Pdf, typesetting files, and serve publishers and content aggregators.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

ePublishing Zone offers Optical Character Recognition services swiftly and securely for all needs.

Our quality solutions and services are accessible at cost-effective pricing with no compromise in quality. Our extensive clients include SMEs and all types of organizations and institutions.

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