IntelWeaver-Modernizing and enabling Superior Quality Digital Content Production

With Intellect Zone administering a journal is no longer tedious, expensive and resource demanding. IntelWeaver offers effective digital content production services at quick turnaround time within your budget possibilities.

With IntelWeaver, Intellect Zone's XML publishing workflow effortlessly enables publishers to deliver content swiftly in all digital formats for all reading platforms.

InteleWeaver will conserve your files in all emerging formats for retrieval and future accessing.
IntelWeaver for Readable and Nonreadable PDF or TIFF

Readable PDF

IntelWeaver processes the PDF, extract the text and images and stores them into the cloud.

An image that cannot be extracted automatedly will be extracted manually and stored into the cloud.

Negotiating Nonreadable PDF

IntelWeaver processes the PDF, extracts the text using OCR, and stores it into the cloud. When necessary, images will be manually extracted and saved into the cloud.

Texts and images are tagged to the XML file either as by the DTD provided by the client or with a standard DTD.

With a standard DTD, independent groups can mutually agree to utilize a benchmark DTD. The data received from internal as well as external sources can be validated by interchanging and verifying.
Collaborative Proof Reading

IntelWeaver offers a service that will ensure the security and confidentiality of your text at all stages. The text will be processed as a team with no scope for delays or errors. The client can track and monitor the progress of the process at all stages till the end product.
Appropriate Style Sheet for Better Output Streams

An appropriate style sheet ensures quality and consistency in Intellect writing. Authors, editors and proof readers need apt style sheet for pleasant readability and easy navigation. IntelWeaver enables a consistent document design and indexing.
Export Process to Generate Final Outputs

IntelWeaver will export the XML style sheets to generate final outputs for print, eBook, and web versions. IntelWeaver can export XML in a range of file formats and retain the needed specifications set in the original document.
Error Free Precise Final Output

IntelWeaver proofreads the content thoroughly for the formatted output and fixes it error free. IntelWeaver assures a final output that is precise, clear, and consistent in style as well as format.

IntelWeaver facilitates index entries that are embedded at the applicable points in the text to be transformed into hyperlinks. This offers actively linked indexes to the text, which allows enhanced indexing.

Intellect Zone is committed to offering all our clients high quality output services. We constantly strive to upgrade our tools, services, and products that assist all our stakeholders reach their target groups in the emergent formats and diverse devices.