Our exciting new website is under development now. We will be offering soon the advanced services outlined below.
Intelligent Automation
We utilize the power of intelligent automation to structure the workflow thereby creating efficient work conditions for drafting legal documents, maintaining legal documents, and tracking important accounting transactions. Further, our smart, affordable, AI-enabled technology ensures accuracy for invoices and receipts in a process-friendly environment.
AI-Powered Chatbot
This user-friendly service, based on advanced Natural Language Processing shall empower operations through intelligent automation or stand-alone services, as per the need. Such conversational assistance will make possible improved user experience, evaluation of customer requirements, and customization of services for regular visitors.
Smart (Text) Summarization
By implementing efficient ML techniques and abstractive algorithms, our Smart Text Summarization feature will help shorten lengthy STM reports, journals, and articles so that only the key points remain. This way, you can save time and energy while navigating for documents related to a purpose and choose exactly the document needed.
Enterprise Search
Our advanced Enterprise Search mechanism will bring you optimized results for your queries. It is based on knowledge graphs that determine the essence of the keyword searched for by the user and uses it for an optimized search solution. Considering semantic search factors like NLP, user context, entity recognition, and query stream context, we will evaluate every query and fetch you the most relevant keyword-based answer from any website section.
Semantic Web Services
Our exhaustive range of semantic web services will include expert enterprise ontology, elaborate taxonomies, pioneering metadata management frameworks, and enhanced knowledge graphs to give you a seamless experience with the vocabulary structures on the website. Top-notch ontologies will be implemented to assist the modelling of semantic relations between different classes and their constituents. Taxonomic systems will be arranged to implement precise information retrieval and website navigation. When combined with superior knowledge graphs containing information about each essential term required for queries, every search will produce the best web experience for the user.
We will soon incorporate the above exciting technological features to cater your automation needs.
Welcome to the Intellect Zone, where every word matters!